Why We All Need A Superhero or Two in Our Life



Life can be challenging, there’s the day to day to grind to contend with (the toaster isn’t toasting, the kettle is on the blink and the bin bag has just split as you tried to drag it out, spewing it’s rotting contents on the floor). Then there’s the daily commute – honking horns and irate drivers jostle for place in the long queue snaking down the road, deftly weaving around potholes as they go. Aside from the daily hullabaloo the world seems to be full of less than good news. Every time we switch on the laptop, radio or TV, or even glance at our phone it’s there flashed in our faces, we are reminded that the world we live in is a dangerous and rather unforgiving place. If only we did have superheroes to guard our plant, to right wrongs and deal with the wickedness of a few unsavoury characters who are spoiling this wonderful world for the rest of us.


We might not have them in real life but we can still celebrate them on stage and screen, they appear in comic books and teach us that in a parallel universe good always triumphs over evil. Isn’t that a lesson that we should be trying to instil in future generations – that good is better than evil? Who better to teach children that crime doesn’t pay than a bunch of impressive heroes dressed in fabulous costumes? The fact is we do need superheroes, we need them to show us the importance of doing the right thing, we need role models for our kids – heaven forbid we have to rely on reality TV stars to show then the way!


Over the years we have seen our fair share of fictional superheroes, including Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Women and Captain America to name but a handful. What about the real-life heroes too? The men and women who serve in the armed forces in a bid to keep us safe, the many who have lost their lives fighting to retain the freedom many of us take for granted. They may not wear the same outlandish clothes but they are true protagonists who are often overlooked. Superheroes (real and fiction) could be the key to ensuring future generations aspire to more than appearing on a gameshow or achieving fame through notoriety.

Celebrating superheroes gives something to believe in, the world can be a gloomy place and each of us (especially children) need to believe that there’s more good in this world than bad. Superheroes are deemed to be brave and selfless, they put helping others above all else and use their qualities and abilities to make the world a better, safer place. If we can watch a show or catch a movie, read a book or flick through a comic that contains a superhero doing a good deed we can point it out to our kids. We can plant the seed that doing good is not only the right thing to do but also the only thing to do.


We don’t have the superpowers that fictional heroes possess, we can’t fly unaided, we haven’t the super strength to lift a bus and free the car trapped beneath it, and we can’t shoot webs from our hands and swing between buildings to catch a crook! But we do share some of their qualities, we have the capacity to help others, to do the right thing and make the world just that little bit more pleasant to live in. As for real life heroes there are plenty around you if you take a moment to look, the man who saved a boy from drowning in the sea, the quick-thinking girl who dialled for an ambulance and performed first aid after witnessing a car accident, the police officer who stands before a terrorist in a bid to protect the public from harm. There are unsung heroes too – the volunteer that drives elderly pensioners to and from a day care centre so they can socialise with others, the mum who buys extra provisions at the supermarket and donates the food to a shelter, the teenager that offers to walk a neighbour’s dog because they are ill and unable to do it.


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