Weight Loss Through Hypnosis To Boost And Reinforce Your Efforts

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Have you been stuck on a merry-go round taking one step forward and two steps back with your weight loss? Having this sense of frustration and failure is really no fun at all, I know because I was stuck in a cycle like that at one stage in my life as well.

Have you ever considered boosting your efforts of weight loss through hypnosis? Why would you want to do this?

Because when it comes to weight loss there are many psychological factors involved in order to achieve a successful outcome, things such as motivation, focus and commitment, which can often be difficult to sustain.


Do you wake up in the morning and think ‘here we go again’? So many things seem stacked up before you and you just can’t get moving. Or maybe the day starts out okay but by mid afternoon everything has fallen apart once again? This is simply because you haven’t fully tapped into your own goal oriented behaviors. You’re probably stuck in long-term negative behaviors that keep you locked into that merry-go round.

That’s okay, it’s normal and you are definitely not alone on that merry-go round!

When using hypnosis you can tap into the initiative that guides and maintains your goal-oriented behavior so you can stay committed to the task at hand.


How long are you able to keep attention centered right now? Is it half a day before you reach for the naughties? Or maybe for you it’s three weeks? The point is that maintaining laser sharp focus and directing your energy over the long term is often a difficult task. There are so many distractions around us on an everyday basis that the clarity for direction becomes lost or watered down as a result.

Hypnosis can help you find the mental strength needed to pursue your goal long term. It provides you with the tools to find the special emphasis that you will need to effortlessly zero in and achieve your weight loss goals.


Do you sometimes feel like you let yourself down with the promises you make to yourself? Well, through hypnosis you will learn how to bring the promise to yourself alive. You will learn to make what you say, what you do as well, instead of thinking one thing, whilst doing another. You will find your true character, the one that knows you have the will and power inside yourself to transform. You will learn to love commitment instead of fear it. You will learn to change with ease, instead of resisting it constantly.

That’s right, all those things you keep thinking you want to achieve, you will begin to achieve because hypnosis helps to reprogram the ways you act in a positive and reinforcing way. You will be able to dig deep and find the stuff that makes everything else stick, even when the mood for success is not openly apparent.

Suddenly the task of losing weight does not seem daunting, but becomes a journey you can enjoy!

These are just a few ways that weight loss through hypnosis can boost and reinforce your weight loss efforts tenfold.

This article is written by Jedha. Jedha is a wellness and weight loss coach who shares information about healthy lifestyle, the paleo diet, and using natural methods for successful weight loss. Be sure to take a visit to find out more about natural weight loss and lifestyle at her Paleo Diet Blog.

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    Oh boy – I always wake up thinking “‘here we go again’. I do believe in positive reinforcement, but never thought about applying it to my diet. Definitely food for thought (no pun intended!)

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