30 Days to Stress Free Holidays

Ready to Create Cherished Christmas Memories and Family Traditions?


Don’t Let Another Holiday Go By Feeling Stressed & Depressed!

So often when the holidays start to roll around I start thinking about how many times I’ve failed my family by not planning the perfect schedule from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day that includes special meals, fun activities, decorating and gift giving.

I get depressed and overwhelmed just thinking about trying to do it all or trying to be “That Mom” – the one who is able to accomplish everything with ease!

She probably doesn’t think she has it all together either – that is just the way us Mom’s are but none the less, I envy her.

I decided to do something about it. So, I sat down and thought about my goals and really took a close look at me and how I currently do things. I came up with 30 Days to Stress Free Holidays.

My family is worth the time it takes to create cherished memories and traditions that they can then pass down to their own families.

And Yours Is, Too!

30 Days to Stress Free Holidays eBook

 To help you avoid the stress you may often feel when planning holiday festivities,

I created a list of daily tasks that will  help you:

Feel like you’re creating lasting memories and traditions

Know that you have your holiday plans well under control

Stop feeling guilty about past failures

Organize your busy holidays and keep you on task


Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside:


Week One
Day 1 Determine Your End Goal
Day 2 Make a List
Day 3 Create Your Holiday Spending Plan
Day 4 Create Your Gift Lis
Day 5 Family Pictures
Day 6 Get Ready to Decorate
Day 7 Manage Holiday Sales
Week Two
Day 8 Plan for Handmade Gifts
Day 9 Indoor Decor
Day 10 The Small Stuff
Day 11 Beat The Rush
Day 12 Outdoor Decor
Day 13 Holiday Parties
Day 14 Catching Up
Week Three
Day 15 What’s For Dinner?
Day 16 Recipes & Grocery Lists
Day 17 Christmas Baking
Day 18 Cards & Letters
Day 19 Get It Done
Day 20 Get It In The Mail
Day 21 Involve The Kids
Week Four
Day 22 Time to Bake The Cookies
Day 23 Final Gift Shopping
Day 24 Giving Back
Day 25 Time to Clean
Day 26 Finishing Up The Wrapping
Day 27 Final Preparations
Day 28 Make A Schedule
Day 29 Twas the Night Before…
Day 30 Congratulations!!



Here’s how to order the 30 Days to Stress Free Holidays eBook



I’m including the following items to help you succeed:


15 page Thanksgiving Planner

 35 page Christmas Planner

 Creative Ways to Eliminate Holiday Debt – Courtesy of HillbillyHousewife.com

 The ABC’s of Christmas Gift Giving – Courtesy of HillbillyHousewife.com

Creating Cherished Christmas Memories ebook

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P.S. You deserve a Stress-Free Holiday Season filled with memories.  Stop the cycle and get your copy of 30 Days to Stress Free Holidays eBook now.

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