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P8140301PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR articles are ones that are written by someone and sold to others for their use. These articles are not used by the author because they are intended for others to use. Now Christian PLR articles are just that, they are Christian articles written by someone and sold to others. Christian articles may not necessarily be Christian related, but they could be. It’s possible that they are written and/or sold by Christian business owners.

PLR articles are sold to a limited number of people because you don’t want the market flooded with the same article or type of article. Some sites that sell PLR articles sell them to 10 buyers while others may sell them to 25 buyers. That amount is decided by the website owner.

There are many reasons why people purchase Christian PLR article packs. Some may purchase them so they can have more knowledge regarding a certain topic while others may purchase them to use for their business.

Christian PLR articles can be used on your blog, in your newsletter, on your website as content, or in article directories. Content that can be found in Christian PLR article packs is great because you don’t have to do much to the articles if anything at all.

When you use Christian PLR articles on your blog, you can create at least one if not more blog posts from one article. The reason for this is because blog posts are generally 200-300 words where as PLR articles are usually 500 or more words. You can be general when you are writing a blog post and that helps create more posts. Another option you have with this is to be specific but cover one idea from the article.

Using Christian PLR articles as content in your newsletter is great as well because you don’t have to completely write a whole new article. You can take a PLR article and edit it a bit and it’s yours and nobody else has it. Adding a PLR article to your newsletter helps beef it up and give your readers more information regarding the topic you are covering.

Christian PLR articles can also be used as content for your website. You can take bits and pieces of the article and include them on your site. Rewriting these paragraphs makes them original and that is good for page ranking. When you use them as content on your site you can add your own thoughts and opinions and that will give you even more content.

When you use Christian PLR articles in article marketing, you need to rewrite it so it’s not considered someone else’s. Rewriting a PLR article isn’t as bad as it sounds. All you do is rewrite sentences and add your own thoughts and opinions to it. The base of the article and the thoughts behind it are there.

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      Exactly, PLR is merely a way to help add fresh content to a site by allowing the blog author(s) to enhance on an idea. It’s also really helpful when you’re coming up with writer’s block but still want to provide something of value to your readers. I think of PLR almost as a writing prompt like teacher’s use in High School & College….a helpful jumpstart.

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    Be sure to rewrite any plr articles that you purchase, that way you can provide fresh content for your readers, the really neat thing about Plr you can edit it change it around add to it. Also you will find ideas and inspiration. while learning how to write articles of your own.

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