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joeI just spent some very cool days at the NW Flower and Garden Show where the theme this year was “Sustainability”.  Of course, I was thrilled to hear that when they made the announcement. As part of their line-up of great speakers, they invited Joe Lamp’l (Joe Gardener), who is not only an amazing speaker (I tease him that he should have been a preacher) but also an incredibly personable and down-to-earth (pun intended) person.

Joe and I first connected over a year ago when I read his book “The Green Gardener’s Guide“-a book I still reference to this day. Truly, if you saw my copy you would be amazed that it is still holding together. (That is, if you can get past all the bookmarks and the underlines to actually look at it).

As you know, I am passionate about Green. I felt the responsibility early on to grow our own veggies-after Igreengardenersguide had washed carrots from the store twice and still tasted the chemicals on them.  I couldn’t believe that my kids were eating that JUNK and I vowed that it wouldn’t happen again. But then of course the next question is always “How?”

I spent the next several years struggling to grow organically. Also to grow year-round, since we live in the Northwest. Well, just in time, Joe rescued me with his book. Whew. Thank goodness for someone who understood the in’s and out’s and had “been there”.  And I was so grateful, that I asked if I could write about him on a gardening blog. He was thrilled with the article and since then I write about him every chance that I get. I believe in his message (which by the way, is not just about gardening green but living green and reducing water waste, etc.) with a complete passion and am anxious to help him get the word out.

So it meant a lot to me that he wanted to meet up at the show. He, his business partner (lovely lady!) and I went out to dinner and he made me talk the whole time. LOL. Looking back, I should have asked more questions and talked less.  It was a total blast. I went to his seminars the next day and as always, learned a ton. For instance, did you know that we waste half our water? Holy smokes. That’s just sad. But of course, it also means that we can FIX that and Joe has a wealth of ideas on how to do it.

More on that next post!



  1. Hey Julie. Wow, thanks for such a nice write up. It was totally my pleasure to meet you and I only wish we had done it sooner. Sorry I made you talk so much but I found you totally fascinating and a wealth of knowledge! I wanted to be a sponge. Thanks for having dinner with us and hanging with us some the next day. So glad we hooked up and I am really looking forward to keeping up with you more than ever!
    Best regards,

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