Grow your own greens

avocadoGrowing your own garden can save you money and insure that you are feeding your family in a healthy matter.

I was uncomfortable with chemicals and what-have-you on our veggies. I grew tired of wax on apples and carrots that tasted bad no matter how many times that I washed them.

My taste runs green, as you know, and I set out this year to make my garden more green. More environmentally friendly, that is.

  1. I purchased a compost bin and am adding everything to it that I can.
  2. I grow our food organically.
  3. I refuse to waste any food. If there is too much at one time for some reason, I get it to someone else who needs it.
  4. I bartered food for needs- a friend built me another planter box to plant veggies in and we are sharing veggies with their family as payment for it.
  5. I am using environmentally-friendly materials. My garden stakes are bamboo.
  6. I am picking off and relocating snails instead of using chemicals.

It’s not too late to sow some seeds and reap some benefits.  If you haven’t done it before, start slow and small. It’s OK to just try one planter of lettuce or other easy-to-grow crop. Sweet peas are another easy one to try.

And then make a goal next year to try a little more.

Eat green! It’s worth it! And yummy!


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