Resource: Power Publicity & Promotions and A Giveaway!

We’re always on the lookout for quality business resources and wanted to share with you the gem we’ve found.

Crissy Herron Gipson from has written a 48-page ebook called Power Publicity & Promotions that will help you effectively promote your business – even if you have a small budget.

After launching, Crissy was able to increase her web traffic to over 3,000 (and some other cool stuff) in less than 8 months – spending less than $150.

Covered in the ebook are things like:

  • How to write a press release to get free publicity – including a sample press release & template
  • Free advertising ideas
  • Using article marketing to promote your business
  • Sending query letters to local and national magazines and newspapers
  • Everyone’s “scary” topic – networking! (including tips on both “face-to-face” and online social networking)
  • Creating and using a blog to obtain media exposure

Information well worth the $29.95 investment BUT Crissy is such a sweetie that she has agreed to GIVEAWAY a copy of Power Publicity & Promotions to one of our Moms In A Blog Readers.

So, what do you need to do to win this super awesome resource?

  • Leave us a comment telling us WHY you need this resource and what you think it will do for your business?
  • Agree to let us interview you 4 weeks after you’ve received your copy of Power Publicity & Promotions to tell us how you have actively implemented the the information included in the ebook and how it has impacted your business.
  • You must leave us your name and a valid email (not shown) along with your website in order to be considered.

The Nitty – Gritty

This contest will end at 3pm on Monday, July 28, 2008.

Winner will be chosen by popular vote on Friday, August 1, 2008.


  1. This is exactly the kind of help I desperately need to grow my online business! I feel I have the perfect niche – everyone has a birthday and who isn’t looking for birthday freebies and discounts right now right? But writing compelling articles, pitches and posts can be a struggle for me. I won’t even mention the struggle of writing a press release! I truly believe this ebook would not only boost my confidence, but help get my website/blog in front of millions!

    I would be honored to do an interview to share the transformation of my business!

    Thank you Moms in a Blog and Indie Biz Chicks for this wonderful opportunity! :)

  2. I have just recently decided to pursue my dream in web design and feel this book could help me promote my new business. I have designed websites for years and love to do it, but now I just have to figure out how to sell my designs to others.

    I am at a lost at where to start on promoting my business. I’m also really interested in the face to face networking because that /is/ the scariest part for me right now

  3. I have been going at my business for almost 4 years and just need to get it to the next level! I have yet to get that “big pr break” i have been hoping for so maybe this can help me get there!

  4. After losing my job of almost 12 years to downsizing in March, I have been trying to grow my own business, which I’ve had for 8 1/2 years. I’ve never really tried to “grow” it because I couldn’t handle the overload of business while working my other job. So, it seems like a perfect time for me to do this. I think this information would be very helpful as I take things to the next level. Thanks for considering me!

  5. This would be a wonderful gift to win. I have never had a mentor for press releases and I know I’m missing out on a valuable marketing tool. I believe learning how to write and submit press releases will help my business grow in a new direction.

    I would love to follow the ebook help and then have you interview me.four weeks later. I hope that not only will I have great news on business growth, but I hope to help the ebook writer with my thoughts about what did work and what might work better.

  6. I’m a new blogger and need help promoting my website!!! I have no clue how to start!

  7. Since I am going full speed ahead with Pillows of Lavender and launching an affiliate program during the grand opening in September, I have to make my advertising and promotion $$ work for me. I am working hard to ensure I have all the bases covered in time. I would love the opportunity to win Power , Publicity and Promotions and learn some of Crissy’s tips , it would be perfect timing for me.
    I am also happy to share my success after applying what I have learned with an interview by Moms in a Blog.

  8. Oh, this would be perfect for me! I have started selling nursing covers and baby legging, and currently I just do it from craigslist, and another local free classifieds. I’m just a stay-at-home mom trying to make a little extra money. I would love to learn how to get to more people! Thanks for the opportunity. I would also love to be interviewed afterwards, if I was the winner!

  9. I have a new online boutique Sassy Pink Boutique, we’ve been open for about 3 months now. I’ve gotten some orders and have done a lot of publicity online but would love to see what are some new options for local adveritsing! Maybe something I’m missing out on!

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