Kid Chore Ideas To Make Clean-up Time More Enjoyable

Kid Chore Ideas To Make Clean-up Time More FunLet’s face it, kids hate to do chores. It’s a battle of wills to get them to put their toys or shoes away. Getting them to do their homework is a cause for family stress beyond belief.

Part of the problem is doing these tasks feels like “chores”. Even adults hate to do them. Here are some kid chore ideas that will help you get the job done with a lot less stress and make clean-up time more enjoyable.

Earn Privileges

Letting your child earn some type of privilege when the chores get done is a great motivation. It might be hard to take a privilege away and then give it back only when the cleaning goals are met, so you might want to find something that is special that isn’t an everyday thing; perhaps a special family game, movie, takeout dinner or swimming once a week. If you don’t make it special, then your child won’t be as willing to do the work.

Now, if it is a teenager, you could take something away and make them earn it back. Teens have a different attitude when it comes to the extra curricular activities in their lives; if you take away something like video games, phone time or social networking with online friends, they may be willing to work to get those privileges back.

Make a Schedule

My son has a schedule at school and we are working on getting him one here at home. He can’t function without one. Things are easier for him to do if he can actually see what needs to be done and in what order.

This could work for your child too. If your child knows the schedule, then it will be easier to get things done because he/she will know what is expected to be done and on what day. Make sure to pencil in the reward day. The visual will keep your child motivated.

My daughter made up a system called “mom bucks”. She uses old Monopoly money and when she does chores, she puts the amount of “mom bucks”, or Monopoly money in an envelope. At the end of the week, I reimburse her real money for the “mom bucks”.

Do Your Chores Too

I find that if I am doing chores at the same time I expect the kids to do theirs, things get done quicker. Take my son’s room for instance, I dust and wipe down the TV while he puts his DVD’s back in the cases and cleans out from under his bed. It just makes clean-up time easier because we do it as a team.

Younger kids need the help. It will make life easier for everyone involved if you stay with your smaller child and help guide them in their tasks. Even if you have to do this for a few years until they grasp the concept of cleaning-up and picking up toys, it will be well worth the effort. Your child will be more willing to do chores later on in life because they were taught at an early age how to do them.

Make Clean-up Fun

We turn on music and dance and sing while we clean. It makes the time go by faster and it’s fun. If you can think up games that can be played while you are cleaning, that would be fun as well. Tell jokes, make up stories or maybe just talk to each other. It’s not often kids and parents have the time to chat; take chore time as a golden opportunity to spend some quality time with your off-spring.

These are just a few kid chore ideas. I am sure you can think up a few of your own. Why not share some of yours with us in comments section. We could all use the extra advice.

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