Every Day Lessons

sweepDo you use the everyday things in your life to teach your daughter?  You can.  You can use the everyday things such as folding clothes, cooking dinner, sweeping the floor to teach your daughter important life lessons.  Lessons such as taking pride in yourself and your home, taking responsibility for the things that you are given, showing your loved ones that you care by making a meal for them.

There are many lessons that can be learned through everyday actions and activities.  I believe that the best lessons in life are truly caught, not taught.  Our children catch the things that we are teaching them by our everyday actions much more than the lessons that we try to preach to them with our words.  In fact, they quickly notice when our words don’t match our actions.  Sometimes they might even call you on it too.

So, be aware of your actions and be thoughtful and mindful of the lesson that your daughters and sons for that matter are catching from you as you do everyday life.  Maybe you’ll be more careful now as you realize the impact that the actions you show daily can truly impact the lives of your children in both positive and negative ways.

Pretty soon you will see the results of your efforts as your kids show forth what they have learned from you through their own actions.  What a privelege it is to be a parent. Now go live life today sharing everyday lessons with those around you!

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