Encouraging Abstinence

This seems like a timely topic in light of the fact that it has actually been brought up in the news lately, thanks to politics.  It is sad but true that though it is promoted, it is often not given much respect, nor much positive attention. Nevertheless, I believe it is something we as moms should still encourage and promote amongst our daughters.

Abstinence is quite simply saving oneself sexually for marriage.  Sexual purity is not something you can ever recover once you have given it away.  Therefore, encouraging your daughter(s) to remain sexually pure will be a huge benefit for her as she goes through life, begins to have feelings and finally temptations to give in to her sexual urges.  Not to mention the pressures she will receive from not only those she dates but from her peers in general.

Don’t you want her to have the courage to stand up against those pressures.  It is also best that she understands the reasons that she is choosing this road instead of the other, which gives into her feelings, desires and leaves her ultimately feeling dirty and unfullfilled.  So, besides just encouraging her to wait, give her reasons for doing so, including not only personal satisfaction, but also self-respect, avoidance of consequences, and honoring of her morals.

Though it won’t be an easy road for her to travel it will be one that she is glad she chose in the long run and with your encouragement she can definitely choose that way.


  1. Alyssa – What a wonderful post and a reminder for moms to discuss this with our tween or teen daughters. I have with my 14 yo daughter. Her whole high school group of friends are getting purity rings to declare their intentions. We have had long discussions about the pregnant girls in her school and how it’s changed their lives forever. She has chosen to follow the road of abstinence and not be pressured into giving something that she can never get back. I feel utterly blessed that she is holding true to herself. Thanks Alyssa!

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