Connect With Your Daughter Through Blogging

There are lots of ways to connect with your daughter.  Did you ever think blogging could be one of those ways? Blogs are truly HOT right now from mom blogs to niche blogs, from cooking blogs to review blogs they are all over the place and you can truly find one on virtually any topic.

However, above all at least in the mom blogging community I notice that blogs are a great way of doing one thing, connecting.  So, why not use your blog to connect with your daughter and if she’s old enough encourage her to start a blog as well, which will allow you a peek into her thoughts as well.  Just like her reading your blog will do.

A word of caution of course is to never blog about things about her that might embarrass her.  That is the last thing you want to do and of course will be the killer of that “connection” you are attempting to make with her in the first place.

When you do blog, remember she is reading and look for ways to connect with her through your words.  I think mom blogging is definitely a way we as moms can connect with our children, whether they read our blogs now, or later.


  1. My daughter sits next to me and does school work while I blog. She has asked a lot of questions about it and laughs at me when I tell her I am working. I have encouraged her to blog, but she just kind of looks at me sideways.

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