Are You Looking For Mr. Perfect?

  How many of us have made a list of what would make the perfect man for us. His looks, how he would  act and the amount of money he made are things that many of us would count as important. Did he resemble Fabio with the strength of a famous football player? Our imaginations could paint any picture we wanted and reading romance books and watching soap operas gave our minds lots of fodder to use. Then we would go out on a date and the poor cad was nothing close to our version of Mr. Perfect. Truthfully, none of the guys would be able to live up to your fantasy.

So many of us women keep these fantasies and search in vain for that Mr. Perfect. This leads us to disappointment and frustration with every relationship that we are in. Nobody has taken the time to let us know that these Mr. Perfect fantasies are not realistic and nobody can live up to what we have put into our minds. The men that come into our lives already have been set up because if they make one mistake then the women in their lives get upset and the relationship suffers. Let’s look at some ways we can take these fantasies shake them from our mind and have successful relationships and marriages.

There is no such thing as Mr. Perfect. Those of us who are married can probably agree with this sentiment. Of course, the guys can agree that Ms. Perfect doesn’t exist as well. People are human and they will make mistakes if we understand that to begin with then we understand Mr. Perfect won’t be showing up and mistakes have to be addressed and talked about so they don’t become bigger problems. Mistakes will occur in every relationship knowing that and being ready to deal with them will help you when a mistake happens in your relationship.

So now that we got rid of Mr. Perfect we will need to understand some of the habits of men. Most think differently then women, women are planners and organizers agonizing over decisions and changing our minds several times about issues we face. Men are use to seeing the big picture and working from that. They make snap decisions then work to on those decisions. Instead of wringing our hands women need to learn to understand how a man works and then talk with them so you are part of the process and not sitting around complaining and being upset.

Now you know that Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist you are free to go out there and find a real man realizing that there will be mistakes in your relationship but you are ready to handle them. You understand that a man doesn’t think the same way we do and we need to be supportive of that.

Let me know how you have learned that Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist and how that helps you with your marriage.

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  1. You are so right, Mr. Perfect is not a reality. I have a friend that is 38 and still single – and the biggest reason she hasn’t found a husband yet (she really wants to get married) is because she has held on to that idea of prince charming for so long that no “real” men are good enough.
    Jenn @therebelchick recently posted..When You Lie, Make Sure There’s Not a Tattletale With You!My Profile

    • Shawn Snyder says:

      It is sad to see when someone holds on to a lie they have been feed. I will pray that your friend see’s men as they really are and learns to appreciate them warts and all.

  2. It took me awhile but 2 pieces of advice that I’ve heard over the years stuck with me and made sense.

    1. The grass is greener where you water it.
    2. Love is a choice we make every day.

    • Shawn Snyder says:

      Your advice is so good. As a woman who has been married for awhile it is easy to understand. Now, if we can help the younger generation to realize it.

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