What’s a WAHM To Do? Kelly McCausey

Recently, when I asked what you’d like to see at Moms In A Blog, you told me you wanted to learn more about creating an online business and making money from home.

Welcome to my new series all about Working at Home.

Each Tuesday I’ll be sharing the inside scoop on people, products & ideas you can take to the bank. While each Thursday will be dedicated to the how-tos’, tips, techniques that you need to know to run a successful business.

To that end, I’m proud to introduce my new weekly series called

What’s a W.A.H.M. To Do? (Weekly ideas to take action on!)

Work At Home Idea

Professional Blogger

In its simplest form, a blog is an online journal.  However, if you enjoying writing and have topics you are interested in beyond the casual then you can probably make money as a professional blogger by combining your blog posts with a mix of Affiliate Marketing and/or  advertising opportunities to businesses that want you to share their products with your readers.

It is deceptively simple to make money blogging but incredibly hard work.  The old adage “You Reap What You Sow” definitely applies.  Your results will depend upon your efforts.

Once they start making profit on one site, some professional bloggers go on to create a “Blog Network”. 5 Minutes for Mom  & Type-A Parent are examples of  Blog Networks.  Once they get big enough, they often recruit other bloggers to write for pay or partner with them for a share of profits.

If you get paid for posts/advertising  then you have graduated from the casual, journaling blogger to a professional blogger.  Note that payment for your posts may not always be monetary.  Often and especially, if you’re doing reviews on your blog, you may be compensated via product and/or gift cards.

You can learn more about creating a profitable blog at Just Add Sweat.  They have guides on starting a recipe blog, a review blog, a fitness blog or a craft blog

 Gold Medal Mentor

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for awhile, finding people that you can trust to give you the information you need, when you need it and at the right price for your current pocket book can be hard work.  I mean, how are you to know who you can really trust?  How can you be sure that the people that say they can teach you what you need to know really have the skills to do so?  Outside of sharing business ideas that will work for YOU, one of the most important things I hope to accomplish with this series is to introduce you to the people that you can trust.

I’ve been where you are.  When I started earnestly searching the internet for ways to make money from home so I could raise my young children and help out with the household budget in 2006 I was looking for something or someone to show me the way. After a few months of searching forums and online groups and much praying, I was led to Kelly McCausey.

I joined her online forum, got some information and quit. I had no clue what I was doing and quite honestly couldn’t afford to spend too much “playing” around in my business.

Fast forward a few years and I’m proud to say, that in 2008 I came to my senses and re-joined Kelly’s group.  Called Mom Mastermind’s at the time, it brought together a group of entrepreneurial mothers looking to do the same thing I was~ create a full time income while working completely online.

Kelly and her group, now called Solo Masterminds, has been instrumental in the growth of my internet market knowledge and the success of my business thus far.  I’m still a member and I’m proud to have Kelly as my business coach and highly recommend her as a Gold Medal Mentor – someone you can count on to deliver the goods at a fair price, without any fluff n stuff.


Recommended Resource

Not only do I respect and admire Kelly McCausey but I still use her coaching and absorb virtually every product she produces.  One such product that I’ll be going through over the next few weeks is her 15 Week Smart Blogging Skills Course.

Now, I do make money working online by blogging but there are a couple reasons I’m investing in Kelly’s course.  The most important one is that I don’t ever want to recommend anything to you that I don’t know will be worth your time & money.  Secondly, if I purchase a product specifically designed to teach me something, I go over it more than once and I never fail to pick up a nugget of information or be reminded of a tip or technique I could use to increase my income.

There is nothing hidden in this course.  Kelly’s outline is pretty specific so you know exactly what to expect.

  • Lesson One: Is Everything Ready?
  • Lesson Two: A Better About Page, Brainstorming Topics, Establishing New Habits, Giving Link Love and Using Facebook
  • Lesson Three: Researching Other Blogs In Your Niche, Commenting On Blogs, Writing a Blog Series and Using Twitter
  • Lesson Four: Researching Niche Communities and Writing Timely Blog Posts
  • Lesson Five: Succeeding Through Helping Others Succeed (Giving Buzz)
  • Lesson Six: How To Do Keyword Research And Use What You Learn
  • Lesson Seven: Why You Have To Start A Mailing List For Your Blog
  • Lesson Eight: Get Started With Affiliate Marketing By Making Simple Recommendations
  • Lesson Nine: Selling Ads On Your Blog and Attracting Sponsors
  • Lesson Ten: Guest Blogging and Participating In Cross Blog Conversations
  • Lesson Eleven: Understanding Your Analytics And Using What You Learn
  • Lesson Twelve: Creating Audio Content For Your Blog Even If You Don’t Want To Podcast
  • Lesson Thirteen: Creating Video Content For Your Blog
  • Lesson Fourteen: Affiliate Marketing: Writing Product Reviews and Getting Into Adsense
  • Lesson Fifteen: Writing Powerful Blog Posts: Three Post Styles To Stand Out With

When I told her I wanted to share this resource with you she graciously offered to give you a 30% discount.  Let me break that down for you.

The normal cost of the course is a reasonable $39.  The 30% discount makes the cost to you only $27.30 or a mere $1.82 per WEEK!  Whether you’re just starting your blog or you’re looking to find the missing pieces and take it to the next level, you can’t beat the return on investment with this course.

I’ll be doing the weekly lessons and posting my thoughts as well as things I’ve learned starting Thursday so we can compare notes.

To order your 15 Week Course simply click  here –>Smart Blogging Skills<– and don’t forget to use the coupon code = MIAB to get your 30% discount.

I’ll be back on Thursday  but, in the meantime, I’ve written a short report called Online Business Ideas for Moms to help you get started.    It’ll be delivered to your inbox to read at your convenience.

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    Traci – thanks a bunch for this information. You reminded me that I already have Kelly’s Smart Blogging skills and I just started a new blog with product reviews, so I am going to make sure I am using her information to make it work. Being a blogger is hard, you create content on a regular basis and coming up with good ideas to write about in your own voice is usually the challenge. I am looking forward to hearing what you think about the Smart Blogging Skills class as you go through it!
    Mathea Ford recently posted..Review of Geoff Shaw’s Kindling – Day 6My Profile

    • says

      I’m glad I was able to remind you of Kelly’s awesome course. I’ll be sharing my first Smart Blogging Skills post later today. I’d love to hear how you’re coming along with it.

      A Note for Everyone: Don’t buy anything – ebook, ecourse, whatever – until you’re ready to read it and put it into action right then. Otherwise, you run the risk of spending your hard earned money and never having anything to show for it except used space on your hard drive.

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    Always the wealth of information… I’ll be reading your series eagerly. You never fail to disappoint, providing a wealth of information and contacts to all things that make up online marketing. Anyone not taking advantage of what you have to offer is truly missing out.

    Until Next Time…

    • says

      Annemarie, Thank you for the kind words. You’re always such an inspiration!
      Let’s catch up soon so I can hear all about the awesomeness you’re weaving.


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