Hillbilly Housewife

Susanne is the owner and creator of   The Hillbilly Housewife where she shares bountiful information on low-cost, home-cooking from scratch. The recipes are all tested in a real kitchen with hungry children, stalking cats, begging puppies and a playful husband underfoot. The ingredients are affordable and readily available in most areas.

She has a huge, interactive community just waiting to help you remember Grandma’s brownie recipe or give you the goods on how to make home-made laundry soap.

With a mission designed to help you reduce your grocery bill as low as it can go Susanne will teach you the best foods to buy on a budget and how to cook them so the family will be better fed than they’ve been in years.

You’ll find tips and techniques here that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Everything here is free, provided by God’s grace.

If the information you find here helps you and your circumstances, then please share what you have learned with others, so they too can benefit from your new knowledge.