Operation Healthy Mom: Creating a Healthier You


By Choosing to Make Simple Lifestyle Changes You Can Actually Stick With


Tracy RobertsI’m going to be completely honest with you.

I have been waging a battle and it hasn’t been pretty. I thought I could fight this battle on my own.

And it turns out that I just can’t.

Oh, I can make small changes for short periods of time but can I just tell you how exhausting it is to fight cravings – and to give into the bread monster (my carb of choice) and then feel really guilty because I’ve failed?

For most of the past year I’ve been on a quest to get healthy by eating better and moving more.

Yes, I’ve specifically chosen those words because, let’s face it, the words DIET & EXERCISE do not motivate me. In fact, they make me put butter on my bread and go for a second slice. Can you feel me?


The beautiful, strong, thin models shown on motivational posters make me cringe because I just know that will never be me. Or at least it’s not something I can easily visualize. However, I can do things that will make ME healthier. I can dance around the house while I fold clothes and not buy that bag of chips or loaf of fresh baked french bread. I can make good choices for eating better and moving more because the people in my life are counting on me to be around for a long, long time.


But like I said earlier, I found out that I just can’t do it alone. I need people that really get me to come along side me and do it with me. Someone who will tell me it’s ok I ate the entire loaf of french bread (you know you do it, too) and then kick my butt and tell me to get over it and do better from now on. Someone that understands I can’t stand the thought of running a marathon but I admire those who enjoy it. Someone that will put on a yoga video and breathe & stretch with me – hurrah for Netflix!

I invite you to come alongside me and create the healthier people we desire & deserve to be. To that end, I’ve created the Healthier You membership.

The Only Thing That’s Standing In The Way of Your Success is You


Join Us Today & You’ll Get:

Introductory Worksheets, Checklists, Recipes & a Report designed to get you started.

Week One Includes

  • Introduction to Creating A Healthier You Guide
  • Positive Affirmation – Neutralize Bad Habits with Good Food, Exercise & Healthy Living
  • Motivational Wallpaper – A gorgeous graphic that says “Decide that you want it more than you’re afraid of it!”
  • Healthy Recipes – Eating Better: Choosing the Right Foods to Become Healthier
  • Worksheets/Checklists (5 listed below)
  1. Self Reflection Worksheet
  2. Overcoming Obstacles Worksheet
  3. Weekly Weight Loss Goal Tracker
  4. Weight Loss Diary
  5. Overcoming Food Addiction Worksheet


In addition, you will receive an email every Monday for the duration of your membership. Each email will include:

  • Affirmations- to help you keep a positive attitude
  • Motivational Wallpaper – to keep your motivation high
  • Healthy Recipes – to tempt your taste buds and keep you satisfied
  • Weekly Guide to Creating A Healthier You – to guide you along your journey
  • Worksheets/Checklists – to track your goals & progress
  • and Other Goodies – you KNOW there will be extra goodies!
  • A Private Facebook Group where you’ll encounter support & accountability without judgment.

You Matter!

Here’s How You Can Join Us & Start Creating a Healthier You Today!

Until March 31, 2012 You Can Join Us Just $15 For Your First Month

And Only $10 for each additional month you continue to be a member

On April 1, 2012 the price will go up to $29 for your 1st month and $15/mo thereafter

You’re Covered by Our 60-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

You have up to 60 days after joining our Healthier You membership to decide if it was worth the money you spent.
If you’re not entirely happy with it, or even for no reason at all, you can easily and quickly get a 100% full refund through Clickbank.
Clickbank is very strict about vendors giving money-back guarantees, and they always process refund requests fast. No questions asked.
So you’ve got nothing to lose.


P.S. Join us to create the healthier person that you both desire and deserve to be. We’ll be there to help you each step of the way.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at tracy@momsinablog.com

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  1. Ella Greene says:

    I just signed up yesterday and am looking at all the options on the site. Is there a suggested meal plan/menu? That would be helpful..like breakfast choose from ???
    Lunch suggestions
    dinner suggestions ( simply made foods)

    I am hoping to have positive results. Planning menus tonite for next week, which will be my first week.

    • That’s a great idea, Ella.
      I have some really smart friends that create menus & help with menu planning. Let me see what I can come up with.

      Positive results will come. Just remember to start slow and keep moving on even when pizza beckons. Have a slice and then eat better the next day.


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