God Bless the VTech LS6475-3 Multitasking System!!

I want you to meet my new best friend.

Let’s call him Ellis.  [Get it? LS….]

He’s sleek, he’s stylish and doggone it – he has just been making my life E-A-S-Y.

The lovely people over at Mom Central Consulting asked me if I’d be interesting in reviewing this new phone system and before they could get the last words out of their mouth I said Yes, Please!

You see, I work from home and spend quite a bit of time each day on the phone.


I have:

  • phone meetings
  • coaching calls
  • calls to/from school
  • calls to/from family & friends
  • appointments to make
  • pizza to order

and I can’t do all that from Skype.

Not only do I work from home but I am the primary Keeper of my Home which means I’m the chief cook & bottle washer along with building a business from home.

One of the best things about Ellis, my VTech LS6475-3 Multitasking System, is the fact that I can grab the headset and listen to him whisper in my ear while I’m doing dishes & laundry – making beds or making dinner and if I’m really careful the person on the other end of the phone line doesn’t know that I’m not sitting at my desk in front of my computer. Before plugging him in and turning him on, if I had a meeting, that’s exactly what I did.

Now, I have more choices.  If I’m on a call where I can multitask without compromising the job I’m doing then I put the headset on and get the job(s) done.  I no longer have to put off tasks around the house to take  or make calls and let me tell you – it’s complete bliss.

My mother came over the day after I got the phone system and we spent a few minutes recalling how we wore headsets like that when we worked at Disney’s Central Reservations office (eons ago).  [I wear mine over- the- ear but there’s also an over- the- head option]

She quickly came to the realization that she, too, could use the headset like I do since she seems to always be on the phone and is often outside.  I can’t tell you all the strange places her phones end up and you KNOW how hard it is to find a phone once the battery has died!

Anyway, she has told asked me to get her one for Mother’s Day and I think that the VTech LS6475-3 Multitasking System would be a perfect gift for her – really, for any busy mom.

My husband hasn’t actually used the phone/headset yet but I’ve seen him eyeing it.  I just might have to get him his own headset! 😀

Now, I have to tell you that the VTech LS6475-3 Multitasking System is a gem of a phone system but my favorite feature of this little beauty?

He talks to me.  I found this out quite by accident but man, I am just tickled polka dot about it.

Let me explain, we have Caller ID and I was forever running to find the phone to look at the display to see if I wanted to answer it or not.  I don’t have to do that anymore because of the Voice Announce Caller ID.   It audibly announces the name and number of the caller on all of the handsets and base unit.  I don’t  have to look at the phone anymore because Ellis tells me who’s calling.  It makes screening calls so much easier.

There’s also Push-To-Talk acts as a multiple handset walkie talkie system to instantly communicate with any or all of the handsets within the system.

And the digital answering system has 14 minutes of recording time. No more messages getting cut off mid-sentence….unless they’re really long winded.

I will warn you that the ringer is set to incredibly LOUD and I was startled the first time it rang but I quickly solved that issue by turning down the volume.  So far, I can’t think of another thing I don’t like about this phone system.

For more information on the LS6475-3 Multitasking phone system, visit VTech or  the VTech Facebook page.  They’re even on Twitter.



 “I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of VTech and received a product sample to facilitate my review.”

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