GNation, Sergey Sholom, and Saying Sholom

There are no existing earnings in GNation, there’s no prepare for earnings in GNation, and they’re just expecting that the Xsolla integration would have VIDEO GAME & MGO detailed as the first currencies just above Visa and MasterCard. What stops the individual behaviour from just skipping the first two lines and jumping straight to Visa & MC?

assured thousands of video games integrated with game credits back in 2016– where are they? Why exists not even 1 video game (besides Gregorian) that integrates them? What occurred with the Unity partnership, why were they dropped? Why the lack of transparency?

A group of designers decided to divide off and develop their very own company to care for GAME, simply from their own wish to construct what they were originally worked with to construct. GNation pivoted a lot within the last year that all the programmers are exhausted and aren’t working on the stuff that they were assured to be serviced at the time of hire.

¬†While it’s fine in a regular company that not every person works on the same point they were employed for, absolutely no one in the team is working with what they were employed for. Because top management doesn’t give them a clear direction– they transform directions every 3 weeks. Which has actually basically led these men to decide to divide off and do what they were employed to do– build the game credits ecosystem– under a new entity. For more

GNation, Sergey Sholom, and Saying Sholom

A message to the Serbians I fulfilled

The game credits Structure is a non-profit endeavour wanting to provide on the original vision of game credits– universal money for players. The group wants to construct combination layers for various video games and languages to ensure that programmers can easily incorporate it. They intend to integrate sports and all the fun things associated with video gaming.

 They intend to see the currency expand in adoption and usage. They have no funding from GNation, their previous company, because Sergey alone controls the keys to funds. Even without that financing and no revenue stream for the foreseeable future, they agree to put their blood sweat and tears right into the system to make it grow.