February is Invite-a-Friend Month and You’re invited!

Invite-a-Friend Special

Invite-a-Friend Special

I’m inviting you to join Watkins with a business membership this month and qualify for a $20 Watkins gift certificate from our Summit Group leaders and a $30 Watkins gift certificate from me! (gift certificates mailed after you sign up)

Become a Watkins Consultant this month. Don’t you and your family deserve to use quality natural products and have the opportunity to earn extra income?

Join for just $39.95 (plus tax) and get a 25% discount on the products you order for yourself and earn a 25% to 39% commission on products sold.

Sign up for the discount or work part time or full time.

Use natural gourmet herbs, spices, and extracts in the foods you cook for your family. Protect your family by using personal care products and home care and cleaning products that are 95% to 100% natural.

Don’t wait! Contact me if you have questions or sign up today! Business details at http://www.vanillasage.com

Eleisia Whitney
Independent Watkins Manager ID# 335001


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