Choosing a Wig to Suit Your Round Face

Working with your face shape is one of the key components of choosing a wig that suits you and makes you feel confident. You may not realise that your face shape changes over time and, as we age, many of us tend to develop a rounder face shape. For this reason, the round face is one of the most common face shapes.

Not sure if you have a round face? A round face is one that has soft features: if you don’t have an angular chin or wide cheekbones then it’s likely that your face is round. If you draw an imaginary shape around your face when looking in the mirror, you will have drawn a circle. The widest part of your face will be at the cheekbones, and your face will be as wide as it is long. Looking for a wig to suit your wide face Joseph’s wigs offer a wide array of different wigs perfect for round face shapes: here’s how to choose the right one for you.

Embrace Length

The good news is that if you have a round face you can embrace dramatic, long hair. Long hair is great option for women with round faces because it will add balance to your face, counteracting the wideness of your face to instantly make your face look much slimmer. Look for long, straight length that will hang either side of your face. If you want to add a fringe to your wig (which is a great choice for more mature ladies looking to hide laughter lines and forehead wrinkles) then avoid a blunt, straight cut fringe in favour of a softer, side swept one. A soft fringe that is angled will give the illusion of length whilst a straight, blunt fringe will only emphasise the wideness of your face. Combining a long wig with a soft, graduated fringe is the best thing you can do if you want to make your face look slenderer.

Avoid Curls

If you’re self-conscious about the width of your face, and want to minimize its roundness, then you should avoid a wig with big and bouncy curls. Curls will only serve to make your face look wider, particularly if you opt for a short or mid-length curly wig. If you do want to experiment with curly hair then opt for a longer length curly wig. You should also choose softer, subtle waves rather than big and bouncy spiral curls, as this will rest more gently against your face. If you do want to opt for a curly wig then choose one without a fringe, so that you can emphasise the length of your face as much as possible. You could also consider a wig with soft layers, so that your curls are longer than they are wide, and so that they are easier for you to manage when styling your wig too.

Short and Sweet

Looking for a short but sweet wig that will suit your face shape whilst still being easy to wear?  Don’t worry, there are plenty of short styles that look great on women with wide faces. The key to choosing a short wig that will suit you best is to look for one that has volume at the top rather on the sides, meaning that it will add height to your face rather than width. Look for a soft wig with plenty of texture that will complement the softness of your face. Again, avoid tight curls and ringlets that will widen your face in favour of a soft and straight look: we recommend that you opt for a layered and tousled wig with plenty of volume at the crown that you can style in a variety of different ways: comb it forward or sweep it to the side depending on the occasion and on your mood.

Choosing a wig that will best suit your round face is much easier than you might think, and the options available to you are almost endless. Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone and experiment with new styles, colours, and designs that you might not have tried with your natural hair. Do you have a round face? How do you use your wig to enhance your face shape? We’d love to hear from you about the kind of wig you choose and