A Healthier You: A Vibrant, Healthy Life.


  I choose to live a vibrant, healthy life. If I want to be full of joyful energy, I must live a healthy lifestyle that provides all the energy I need. I also practice mental exercises on a daily basis that facilitate my healthy lifestyle as well as my optimism, happiness, and self-fulfillment. My choice to be healthy includes eating nutritious foods. When I have a choice between picking up fast food and having a healthy meal, I opt for {Read More}

A Healthier You: Take Rest

Take Rest: A Healthier You

Today is National Wear Red Day!


According to the American Heart Association: More women die of cardiovascular disease than from the next four causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer. But 80 percent of cardiac events in women could be prevented if women made the right choices for their hearts involving diet, exercise and abstinence from smoking. Signs of a Heart Attack: Uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain in the center of your chest. It lasts more than a few minutes, or goes away {Read More}

Make 2012 YOUR year of Wicked Success


We may not know each other personally but I’m willing to be that resolutions don’t do it for you either. I get so depressed during the “season of resolutions” because I know even if I made a resolution, the chances of me actually keeping it and being successful at it are basically zero. After finding out about Vickie Milazzo’s Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, I immediately knew that this was what I needed to help me through the new {Read More}

Moms Need To Take Care Of Themselves Too – October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


We all know how it goes;  we take care of everyone, all the time.  We make sure everyone eats a good meal, brushes their teeth, gets to bed on time, and gets to their regular checkups. The family is taken care of, and we feel good about it. But what about Mom? Are you skipping your own health needs?  Do you just forget once you take care of everyone else?  Or are there financial issues that keep you sliding your {Read More}

Staying Sane With Three Under Three


Some days I feel like I am running from one end of the house to the other. Picking up and putting away toys. The same ones I just did not even an hour ago.  Folding mounds of laundry. Which never get put away.  Attempting to stay on top of the cleaning. Cleaning? Honestly?  Patting the baby’s back and putting her back to sleep.  Sigh.  Breaking up a sibling squabble.  More like an all out brawl.  Sushing the girls’ screaming so {Read More}

Frugal Moms Know How To Get Fit Without A Gym Membership

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Perhaps you have always belonged to a gym and, although it’s way beyond your budget right now, you continue to pay the membership fees because you need to exercise someplace where you have a commitment and encouragement.  You’re not alone.  Many of us need an exercise program mapped out for us, with all the equipment ready and waiting, surrounded by supportive people. However, if you go to the gym because you truly believe you cannot get the same workout or {Read More}

Weight Loss Through Wise Food Choices

Have You Decided To Lose A Few Pounds? Make The Decision Weight loss can be very complicated, but it will be easier for you to accomplish your weight loss goal if you have fully decided to dedicate yourself to lose weight. You have to truly want to lose weight, not just say you’d like to lose weight, but truly decide within yourself, that you are going to do this! When I was pregnant, I did not try to control my {Read More}

Quinoa Nutrition Info – Here Is Why You Want To Give This Super Food A Try


Image via Wikipedia You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard mention of Quinoa the super grain from South America. As we start to explore the nutritional facts of quinoa, you will note that this is a excellent thing. And here is a little historical tidbit for you. Quinoa was valued by the ancient Inca in Peru. It was thought to be sacred and was a staple of Andean diet for over six thousand years. This {Read More}

A Heathly, Fit Family: Breakfast Is Your Gasoline

A Nourishing Breakfast as Family Fuel We have often heard the phrase “Breakfast if the most important meal of the day”, we as adults sometimes don’t always enforce this phrase and are guilty of skipping breakfast because of our busy lifestyles. This is where it becomes a problem in the eyes of our children. When a child witnesses a parent skipping breakfast they are more than likely to skip the meal as well or bring up the “well, you didn’t {Read More}