The Importance Of Organization – Stress Relief To Save Mom’s Sanity

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I’m an organization fanatic. I can get lost in the plastic bins, drawers, baskets, and other organizing paraphernalia in those big home stores we all love. But, this isn’t so much about how to organize as it is about the importance of staying organized when you’re trying to take care of a busy family. All the baskets and bins in the world won’t help you keep your sanity if you don’t first figure out the basics of organizing your life. {Read More}

Kid Chore Ideas To Make Clean-up Time More Enjoyable

Kid Chore Ideas To Make Clean-up Time More Fun

Let’s face it, kids hate to do chores. It’s a battle of wills to get them to put their toys or shoes away. Getting them to do their homework is a cause for family stress beyond belief. Part of the problem is doing these tasks feels like “chores”. Even adults hate to do them. Here are some kid chore ideas that will help you get the job done with a lot less stress and make clean-up time more enjoyable. Earn {Read More}

Stop getting overwhelmed by your to-do list

Have you ever been overwhelmed by everything you seem to have to get done each day? Does it feel like that you keep checking off the tasks on  your to-do list but feel like there’s so much more to do? You’re not alone. I have days (and I’ll admit, sometimes weeks) like this. So I’ve developed a 5-step system to help.  Let me share it with you: #1 Prioritize The tasks that receive the highest priority should be the task {Read More}

Audio Posts: 30 Days to an Organized Home

30 Days to an Organized HOme

Well, I’ve finally done it.  I’ve stepped into the world of audio recordings. I hope you have as much fun listening to them as I had making them. Introduction to 30 Days to an Organized Home Day One: 30 Days to an Organized Home Day Two: 30 Days to an Organized Home Day Three: 30 Days to an Organized Home Day Four: 30 Days to an Organized Home Day Five: 30 Days to an Organized Home   To get your {Read More}

10 Tools Everyone Needs To Get and Stay Organized


[wm_watermark src="" pinit=""] Organizing yourself and your life is a fine balance. Too many tools and devices and you spend more time managing the tools than you do your life. Too few tools and you lose time trying to find things and stay organized. Let’s explore the basics and ten tools everyone needs to get and stay organized. #1 Planner/Calendar This may sound like a no-brainer but there’s a difference between having a planner and actually using it. You want {Read More}

How Dinner Conversation & Menu Planning Create An Organized Home


Sometimes I feel like I’m a really, really bad mother. I feel like I don’t do enough for my kids or that I should be doing more. As you may know, I’ve been looking for ways to help me get my home more organized. So much so that I even wrote an ebook about it. I know that family meal times are important and one of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is using a menu planning service. {Read More}

An Organized Home: FREE Halloween Planner

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An Organized Home: You Are Not Alone

Dirty Dishes

Thinking Other Moms’ Homes are Neater Than Yours? Do you ever visit other moms’ homes and wonder how they keep it so neat? Do you ever sit around in your own home with toys strewn over the floor, laundry piles (both clean and dirty) beckoning for attention, and three meals worth of dishes stacked next to the sink and wonder why you are the only mom on the planet who cannot keep up with her home? If you answered yes {Read More}

Home Organization: 7 Tips to Stopping Clutter at the Front Door

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Clutter and Organization. They are the two forces battling for our attention, our space and our time. Each wanted to be in control. Each fights the other. By stopping clutter before it even gets in the door, we can help organization win the epic struggle. The biggest player on the clutter team? Paper: junk mail, newspapers, fliers. Save a tree and check out these tips to ensure that organization wins. Every time. Tip #1 Junk mail fills our mailboxes daily. {Read More}

Day Three: 30 Days to an Organized Home

Don't mind the puddle.

Today, we’re working on the “Formal” living room! Lain, over at 30 Minute Martha (have you met her yet?  She’s stinkin’ awesome!) is working on her formal living room today. My husband is bringing my mother-in-law down to live with us so MY mother came over today to help me tackle the living room so it will be nice & pretty once they get here. So, I took the opportunity to move the furniture around – cleaning underneath everything and {Read More}