Are You Looking For Mr. Perfect?

man kissing cheek

  How many of us have made a list of what would make the perfect man for us. His looks, how he would  act and the amount of money he made are things that many of us would count as important. Did he resemble Fabio with the strength of a famous football player? Our imaginations […]

The Wedding Ring


My hubby’s wedding ring split in the back last week. He has been wearing it for the last 27 years and the metal finally gave out from all the wear and tear it has gone through. I need to get him a new one and we talked about replacing my set as well. We where […]

Outside Influences and Your Marriage


Our marriages do not always receive the quality and quantity of time and attention that they so desperately need. With work obligations, family schedules and the other hours of other things in our schedule the quiet, dependable marriage is placed on the back burner and we let outside influences become more important. It isn’t until […]

The Responsibilities of Being a Wife

There's a simple way to keep your home spring-clean fresh all year through.

When I first became a wife the responsibilities of the job didn’t enter my mind. I was young, in love and all I wanted was to be with my hubby. Those thoughts stayed with me for the next 24 hours until reality hit my new little world. There was no money, no time and no […]

Soggy day activity: Get dirty!


[wm_watermark src=”” pinit=””] Another rainy day? No worries, you can keep you kids busy with this idea: There’s nothing more exciting to a child than getting themselves all dirty.  As parents and caregivers we’re always telling them to stay clean, to wash their hands and don’t touch. Now you’re going to give them the opportunity […]

Soggy day activities: potato prints


Last week, my kids were home from school for a scheduled vacation. What wasn’t scheduled was a babysitter. (Well, actually she was scheduled but had a family emergency and had to cancel.) Normally, we would schedule some activities for the outside as the girls love the snow and cold weather. However, this winter has been […]

How can I have it all?

The fact is, you can’t have it all. But don’t feel bad about it… know you are in good company because no one can have it all. Somewhere, somehow, we got this idea in our heads that we can balance running our own business, taking care of families and looking utterly fantastic while we do […]

Temper Tantrum Drama

This isn’t going to be your typical post about a 2 or 3-year old throwing a fit.  Instead, this is about a perpetually 39 year old throwing a fit.  That’s right, I threw a fit this morning. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t acceptable and there is no taking it back.  It does give me the […]