Bird Box (2018)

This is fantastic thriller movies based on bird Box and it is directed by Susanne Bier and Chris Morgan, Clayton Townsend and Dylan Clark are producers of this movie. The movie was distributed by Netflix and edited by Ben Lester. Bird Box was released November 12, 2018, in AFI Fest and December 14, 2018, in the United States. This is an English movie based on 124 minutes.  Its budget was $19.8 million. Bird  Box (2018) movie subtitles download are available and you can get approach easily.

The story starts with Malorie Hayes who is pregnant and goes to her older sister. They hear news of unexplained suicide in Romania that spread in Europe like fire on TV. Malorie goes her sister to the hospital for a daily checkup when they leave the hospital they see a woman whose head spread oner glass penal and then she died. They try to go away from this crowd. But Jessica the Malorie sister loses control of driving and she got in front of the load truckway. Injured Malorie becomes the witness of Jessica that for killing herself she got herself in front of load truck.

Malorie tries to run away from this crowd at the street. A woman Lydia came to her house and tells her for her house safety but her husband Douglas not convinced for this. He disagreed. When the woman comes to her house she goes in suspended animation during talking about her mother died.

After that Tom, Who is group leader rescued, Malorie. Then, Charlie, the survivor explains that there is another attacker entity in the world who make people insane during driving and then take suicide. On the request of Tom they cover all of the windows through blindfold and then they set cameras for capturing that entity but when Greg volunteers sit on the rocking chair for finding the issues of the entity but he kills himself by hanging himself.

Bird Box (2018)

When food supply decreases Malorie, Tom, Douglas, Charlie and Lucy decides to close the market for more restore. Marie decides to finds pet birds for helping her to supply. Charlie brings out of a lock of market his coworker for help. Who is crazy. Who is affected by the entity but not die now he is killing others through the effect of an entity. The little crazy attacked on them than Charlie sacrifices for saving others and house protection.

After sometime Felix who is another survivor and the Lucy steal car. Olympia who is another pregnant survivor brings a survivor of another group Gary who is against Douglas. Later on, Olympia and Marie go to give birth of their children Cheryl the elder survivor helps them. Gary makes many drawing to track entity he goes to Tom and tells him for removing all cotton from windows. Olympia then jumps out of a window. When Douglas tries to stop her Gary kills Douglas. Malorie tries to save her little child. Tom then kills Gary for their protection. You can get access to Yify subtitles of this movie easily.

After five years, Tom and Malorie live together with Malorie children. The story continues and then Tom sacrifices himself for protection and Malorie and Children protection. After that Malorie reaches community entity tries to attack her but fails she release pet birds from box and giver her children name Tom and Olympia.