Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: The best bedtime book you’ll ever read.

I’m on bedtime duty when I visit my nieces, which means snuggling up and diving into really good stories — tales of women beating the odds and achieving great things. Well, sorta. When we’re done poo-pooing at the lions with Madeline, I often find myself scouring the girls’ bookshelves for something a bit more real-to-life to share with them. Which is why I’m so excited about the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Kickstarter project, fundraising now.

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This book will feature 100 stories of diverse, inspiring women, including Serena Williams, Julia Child, astronaut Mae Jemison, the Bronte sisters. Sorry, no princesses here. (Unless you count Queen Elizabeth.)

Just a bunch of high-achieving women who lived their lives making no apologies to defy expectations, as they travel in space, serve on the Supreme Court, or cook the perfect chicken.

You do you, ladies.

The mini biographies are the perfect length for bedtime reading. And I love that each of the 100 women gets her own portrait, masterfully illustrated by a different female artist from around the world.

 Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls features 100 empowering women including the Bronte Sisters

 Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls features 100 empowering women including Frida Kahlo

Serena Williams: One of the 100 remarkable women featured in

No less remarkable than the women featured in the book are the creators of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, who are pretty incredible women themselves.

They’re the masterminds behind the Timbuktu labs, which is dedicated to female empowerment with projects like a young girls’ magazine, several books, and a toolkit to help under-resourced schools to build their own playgrounds. Talk about being the change you want to see in the world.

The Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls just launched on Kickstarter and is already past its goal of $40,000. Order by May 26 when the fundraising ends, but hurry! Some of the rewards are going fast. Expected ship date for the book is November 2016.


  1. Posts like this are EXACTLY why I come this site again and again. Awesome work, CMP!

  2. What a wonderful compliment, thank you Monique! We’re glad to have found it too!

  3. If material is still being collected, please also include the story of the Rani of Jhansi who fought to protect her kingdom and adopted a child more than 3 centuries ago.

  4. Minal, I’m afraid the book’s out of our hands, but thanks for introducing me to this amazing leader! Here’s hoping she ends up in Volume 2 of Good Night Stories!

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