7 Ways to Rev Up Your Summer

School’s out  and I’m sure you’re thinking about what activities you want to do during the summer months.

There are so many fun possibilities: barbeques, picnics in the park, outings to the beach, frolicking with your family and pets in the back yard, an exciting vacation, and more.

But you’re probably wondering how you’re going to find the energy to add all these fun activities into your already busy summer schedule and so am I.

Try These Tips to Pump Up Your Energy for Summer Fun:


1.  Make a Commitment to Yourself

Look in the mirror and make a vow that you’ll take part in more activities this summer.

Worry less about keeping the house and yard in meticulous form and doing the laundry and washing the car on the same days every week.

2.  Commit to Enjoying a Summer Full of Interesting Activities with Your Family

Consider your options.

  • A Trip to the Beach
  • Visiting a Theme Park
  • Museums & Local Fairs
  • Water Sports and/or Boating
  • Golf or Tennis Lessons

Think about the things that you’d really like to do. What do you think you and your family would enjoy the most?  Do those things.

3.  Get Your Energy Flowing by Exercising

To increase your energy levels, try a brisk walk outdoors every day.

Check with your doctor and then increase your walk by 5 or 10 minutes each week until you reach 45-60 minutes. As you walk and increase your speed you’ll notice you’ve got more energy and stamina to face the day.

You’ll be full of vigor to enjoy the summer.

4.  Be Positive & Mentally Prepare

For me, this is an important step.  If I don’t make positive statements like, “I’m looking forward to spending more time with my kids this summer” and “I will make an effort to stay in good physical shape so I’ll have more energy”  then I’m likely to be thinking negative thoughts that lead to excuses and before you know it then summer will have passed me by.  Thinking positively will ensure you maintain a positive mindset and continue putting in effort to have the best summer ever.

5.  Converse With Your Partner

Don’t just listen to them – actually hear their ideas on what they want to do this summer. Share your wish to be more actively involved with your loved ones and friends. Make some plans together to enrich your relationship while you enjoy the weather and have fun.

6.  Cultivate Gratitude

Recognize you have your family, friends, and health.  You are incredibly blessed to have the choice to spend more time engaging in activities you love with your family.  Look forward to the summer and all it entails with gratitude in your heart.

7.  Reflect on Your Efforts

Change how you’ll approach life this summer and then give yourself a pat on the back for taking action!

Preparing your mind & body for an active summer while continuing to manage everything else in your life is an amazing accomplishment.  Enjoying some time with the people you love when the weather is beautiful is worth your effort.

Summer is here and the kids are home for the duration.  Embrace your fun-loving side and have a ball.

What things do you have planned for the summer months?


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    I so agree with you, Tracy. Summer fun will slip through your fingers if you don’t plan for it! I plan to cookout at my daughter and family’s house often so I can enjoy a couple things I love – cooking and watching the grandkids swim. I will even get on my swimsuit and join them! They get the biggest kick out of Gramma swimming. It also accomplishes another thing; getting more exercise into my day. So, yes, planning is good!
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