5 Summertime Pool Safety Tips

Families all over the country look forward to summertime because it means time in the family pool.

Pools are great when the weather turns warm, but unfortunately they can also be a safety hazard if you aren’t prepared.

Toddlers and young children aren’t always able to see the hidden dangers of  a pool because to them it just means fun.

They don’t realize how quickly they can slip and fall in, especially if no one is around.  And they aren’t always equipped to know what to do if they do fall in. It’s our responsibility to ensure that our children are safe when playing in the pool with us, but just as important to know what to do and what NOT to do around any body of water – family pool, retention pond, neighbor’s pool, lake, river, etc.

The absolute best way to ensure that your child is not the victim of an accidental drowning is to know where they are at all times. although constant supervision is your first and best defense ~ not only to keep children from drowning but also to help keep them from other accidents and injuries~ the realities of life are that our children will not always be within our field of vision, no matter how vigilant we are so we MUST take precautions to make sure they’re safe and they have the tools to survive an accidental fall in the pool (or other body of water).

1. Supervision

If you’re having a pool party, select one person to do nothing more than watching the kids.   Set up a smaller pool for the younger children to play in, especially if there are a number of people attending.  We always set up ours right on the pool deck right near our chairs.

2.  Install a Pool Fence.

Not only will this keep your child from making their way to the pool, it will also keep neighborhood kids from gaining access.  In most communities, this is the law so make sure that if you have a pool that meet current codes & guidelines.

3.  Make Sure the Gate is Locked.

Having a fenced-in pool is a great idea; however, if the gate is left open on a regular basis the benefit of having it fenced does no good.  Make it a rule that the pool gate be closed at all times.  Doing so will make the possibility of injury much smaller.

4.  Swimming Lessons

This will give them some basic knowledge, although you still want to keep them under supervision.  Even though they are learning how to swim, they should wear swim floaters to keep them buoyant and keep them from drowning.  There are drowning prevention programs at your local YMCA or places like www.safestartusa.org/

5.  Learn Child & Infant CPR

No one wants to have to give CPR to a child, but it’s one of those cases where it’s better to know something and not need it, than to need it and not know it.  Knowing CPR and first aid is important anyhow, so this is a good reason to learn it.

Have fun in the water this summer season but swimming pool safety is nothing to be lax about.

What other tips do you have?

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